Carboxytherapy Helps With Excess Belly Fat

Blast Belly Fat with Carboxytherapy: A Comprehensive Guide

One of the things that everybody hates and can also be quite unhealthy is abdominal fat. Holding abdominal fat in your body is not only an annoyance that can keep you from looking and feeling confident in your body, but is also linked to an array of serious health problems. Holding excess belly fat is beyond just not fitting into your jeans. A number of very serious health issues such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers have been linked to excess abdominal fat.

Unfortunately, it can be extremely easy to put on fat around the middle, especially as you get older, or if your job is more on the sedentary side. However, for a large number of people who are trying their best to shed a few extra pounds, belly fat can be more difficult to lose than any other area of fat. If you count among those who are struggling to get rid of stubborn belly fat in spite of intense diet and exercise, carboxytherapy can be a great option to help you shed those stubborn love handles.

Carboxytherapy is a natural, non-invasive technique that can help those who struggle to get rid of their belly fat despite their efforts at diet and exercise. Carboxytherapy before and after results illustrate a notable difference in those who choose this extra little nudge in the direction of getting their dream body and improving their health. Lumisque is a top provider of CO2lift products such as the oxygen face mask and carboxytherapy products in Florida. Contact Lumisque today for your CO2Lift needs!

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How Carboxytherapy can Help

Many of us struggle to get rid of unwanted pounds around our belly area. In fact, holding subcutaneous fat in our middle can be more dangerous than other kinds of fat, as it is linked to a large number of notable health problems. Carboxytherapy is an innovative new technique that promises to help get rid of stubborn belly fat that does not go away despite healthy diet and exercise. Carboxytherapy is a non-invasive technique that involves injecting carbon dioxide gas into your body in order to help eliminate fat around the stomach.

The Northwestern School of Medicine published a study highlighting the effectiveness of carboxytherapy as a non-surgical procedure that utilizes carbon dioxide in reducing fat around the stomach. Although it is still important to combine carboxytherapy with healthy diet and regular exercise in order to achieve long-term results, the study by Northwestern University proved the effectiveness of carboxytherapy for fat reduction through a randomized, controlled trial and determined that there were in fact observed benefits that could persist for up to six months. If you are looking for carboxytherapy products or other CO2Lift products such as the oxygen face mask, check out Lumisque today!

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Carboxytherapy Before and After Results Highlight Effectiveness

Northwestern University researcher Dr. Murad Alam, who was a lead author of the study on carboxytherapy, noted that “Carboxytherapy could potentially be a new and effective means of fat reduction.” There are many benefits to carboxytherapy noted by Alam, such as that it is a “safe, inexpensive gas, and injecting it into fat pockets may be preferred by patients who like natural treatments.” This is important, as non-invasive fat reduction has become increasingly popular in recent years.

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Carboxytherapy before and after results have shown that it is an effective form of treatment. Lumisque is a top provider of CO2Lift products such as the oxygen face mask. Contact today for your CO2Lift product needs!