Revive Downstairs

An At-Home Non-Invasive Solution for Vaginal Rejuvenation!

Hormone Free. Pain Free.

CO2LIFTV is a painless effective treatment that addresses vaginal issues associated with aging, childbearing or stress. CO2LIFTV delivers an easy-to-use kit that comes with the treatments, mixing and applicator sticks that can be used in the privacy of your home. After just 3 applications, users have felt and seen results.

Did You Know?

  • Three in four women experience negative changes in their vagina due to childbirth, stress and aging?
  • Radiation or chemotherapy treatment for cancer can lead to drop in estrogen level which will in turn cause vaginal dryness and other issues?
  • Most vaginal rejuvenation procedures available are invasive and could cause pain?

What If?

  • You can have healthy tissue that functions like a youthful woman.
  • You can improve the quality of intimacy all in the privacy of your home without pain or discomfort.
  • You can prevent, reverse or maintain a healthy pelvic that allows you to be confident and secure.

CO2Lift V Benefits

- Produces Natrual Lubrication -
- Improves Sexual Pleasure by Diminishing Dryness -
- Hormone Free -
- Tightens and Lifts -
- After just three applications, many women report feeling and seeing results -


CO2LIFT V restores the youthful functionality of the vagina by infusing the area with carbon dioxide. That forces the body to rush oxygen-rich blood to the tissue. This will help to regenerate the cells and may help to improve vaginal sensitivity, lubrication and vaginal laxity. It is pain-free and can be done at home.

Who is CO2Lift V Made For?

If you have experienced any of the following symptoms: Vaginal Dryness, Weak bladder, Pain or discomfort during Intercourse, decreased enjoyment during Intercourse OR Just want to improve the appearance, then CO2LIFTV could work for you!

- New Mothers -
- Menopausal Mothers -
- Women who have had chemotherapy -
- Women who are on prescription medication -
- Women concerned about the appearance of the vaginal area -

How Does the CO2Lift V Work Along With Laser or Radio Frequency Treatments?

Many Physicians recommend using the CO2LiftV to prepare the tissue before doing energy based devices. It will help with severly atrophic tissue to make the energy treatment more comfortable and effective. Also following an energy based treatment, CO2LiftV is perfect for accelerated healing and recovery. Combination therapy always produces better results.  Consult with your physician about CO2LiftV and additional procedures that may provide the quickest way to get the results you are looking for. 


CO2LIFTV is used by many of the leading physicians to help their patients resolve the symptoms of Menopause as well as an effective non-hormonal way for feminine restoration.

CO2LIFTV has helped women of all ages! After Childbirth, during stressful times, through Menopause and simply to help improve the cosmetic look and functionality! Here are just a few happy stories: 

I love the CO2LIFTV – highly recommend!
I have done several treatments so far and can already tell and feel a huge difference downstairs. I’m need to try the face mask. This product is quality and I would have to say 10/10 recommend.

I love this product!
I had a chance to try to CO2LIFT-V after being referred by a friend. I could tell an immediate difference after the first use. It’s a great non-surgical option for vaginal rejuvenation and much more economical. Even though I never experienced issues with dryness or pain, sex after using the V was even more enjoyable as I had MUCH more sensitivity! I really wish more women would try this product and give their sex lives a BOOST!

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