Carboxytherapy in the News: Allure

Carboxytherapy in the News: Allure

If you have thumbed through the February 2022 edition of Allure, you may have come across their article, “Do Skin-Care Products That ‘Boost Circulation’ Actually Do Anything?”

You can imagine that we here at Lumisque would be very interested in giving it a read. After all, boosting circulation to create healthier, more radiant skin is the core of our business.

In Allure’s article, author Maura Lynch explores various methods used to increase circulation—from exercise to massage, face rollers, and carboxy treatment—and their potential health benefits.

If you’ve ever finished a workout or tried out a high quality face mask, you have noticed immediate results for your skin. It becomes brighter and bouncier due to the increased blood flow.

Carbon dioxide doesn’t just give you better skin today; it is also a powerful anti-aging tool.

Lynch points out that, conversely, if you’ve ever accidentally cut off your circulation with a Band-Aid, you know that your skin becomes red, dull, and dehydrated.

Both of these effects are often short-lived, but Lynch posits something that the Lumisque team has already known for a while: repeated treatments that increase blood circulation are key to skin health.

Lynch highlights carbon dioxide experimentation carried out by scientists associated with Kao (a Japanese beauty company that owns the American brands Jergen and Curél) and another popular Japanese beauty brand available at Sephora, Shiseido.

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These researchers found that when carbon dioxide is introduced to the skin, it creates a natural vasodilator, causing the blood vessels to widen.

The results? Increased oxygenation, cellular regeneration, and anti-inflammatory effects—and better skin. Carbon dioxide doesn’t just give you better skin today; it is also a powerful anti-aging tool.

Especially as we get older, dermatologist Michelle Henry notes, “Our vessels can become more sluggish… If we are physically increasing the flow of blood through our skin, we are temporarily encouraging highly oxygenated blood into the area, which will help support healthy skin over time.”

This research doesn’t come as a surprise to us at Lumisque. In fact, it’s more of a surprise that the beauty community is only just discovering the secret we’ve been talking about for years: carboxytherapy is a groundbreaking skincare treatment.

Our CO2Lift carboxytherapy gel makes the benefits of carbon dioxide accessible to everyone.

Why hasn’t carboxytherapy become mainstream yet? Simply put, traditional carboxytherapy is cumbersome. It is an expensive in-office procedure that uses painful injections. Since carboxytherapy is progressive and cumulative, producing real, sustainable results over time, traditional carboxytherapy requires ongoing, uncomfortable in-office treatments.

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At Lumsique, we’ve revolutionized carboxytherapy, removing the drawbacks to give you only the positives. Our CO2Lift carboxytherapy gel makes the benefits of carbon dioxide accessible to everyone.

CO2Lift is applied topically, and it is gentle enough to be used on even your most sensitive skin and mucosa. The gel absorbs into the skin, where it displaces oxygen off of hemoglobin, enhancing oxygen delivery to the skin. With increased vasodilation, CO2Lift allows for rapid removal of cellular waste byproducts and speeds wound healing.

CO2Lift gel is available as both a powerful mask and as CO2LiftV, an at-home vaginal rejuvenation kit. Our gel has also been applied clinically to reduce complications and recovery time post-operation.

At Lumisque, we know that carboxytherapy isn’t just the skincare of the future. It’s an amazing, easy-to-use, pain-free treatment that’s available to you now through CO2Lift and CO2LiftV.