Tips to Heal a Sunburn After Being Sun-Kissed

Tips to Heal a Sunburn After Being Sun-Kissed

We all said hello to summertime sunshine… but we never want to say hello to a sunburn.

If you're spending any amount of time outdoors this summer, it's imperative to protect your skin from the powerful rays of the sun. Even with the strongest SPF, you may get a sunburn. Here are some things to know and how to care for your skin if you get a sunburn this summer.

What Is a Sunburn?

A sunburn is your skin’s response to overexposure to ultraviolet or UV rays. The burn itself is your body’s way of telling you that your skin has experienced damage. The first sign of a sunburn is easy to recognize. It is the redness and sensitivity on your skin, which is essentially the body’s inflammatory response to the dilating blood vessels. A sunburn means your skin will feel dry and tight. This is due to loss of moisture and hydration. Starting to feel uncomfortable? 

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What Should I Do If I Get a Sunburn?

First, get out of the sun immediately! Head indoors for the rest of the day or at the very least cover your skin with a long-sleeve top and bottoms or find some shade under an umbrella. Since the skin is not only burnt but also extremely dehydrated and in need of major moisture, you’ll want to drink plenty of water. Finally, try and take a cold shower or bath to soothe the skin. This may help reduce the inflammation.

Ew! My Skin Is Peeling!

When you first experience a sunburn, you want to handle your skin with care. Never pick your peeling skin. Let it peel naturally. Try applying a light moisturizer, cool compresses, or aloe vera gel to help relieve discomfort. 

Sunburn Recovery Tips

Your skin is sunburned, and you’re feeling uncomfortable… But don’t worry, we’ve got some tips on how to speed up recovery. Take frequent cool baths or showers to help relieve the pain. Try using a moisturizer with aloe vera. You’ll love the cool, soothing feeling. In addition to topical treatments, you can also take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory like aspirin or ibuprofen.

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Skincare After Sunburn

Before we talk about what to do after a sunburn, it’s important to note that keeping your skin in a healthy state prior to spending time in the sun will help it heal easier if sunburned. Consider regular facials, peels, and a high-quality dermaroller like the CO2LIFT Dermaroller System.

For sunburn aftercare, opt for products that are natural and free of harsh chemicals or exfoliants. As we’ve mentioned, aloe vera and light moisturizers such as CO2LIFT Carboxy Therapy Treatment are great go-to options. Avoid wearing makeup for a few days so your skin can breathe freely. Remember: Your skin is in healing mode, so be gentle with it.

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Should I See a Doctor?

While a sunburn can cause different levels of harm to the skin in the short-term, it typically does not require medical assistance unless the burn is more severe. Signs of severity include blistering, a burn that is more red or extremely painful, and other symptoms including fever, swelling, and feeling nauseous or faint.