The Benefits of Non Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

The Benefits of Non Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

Many women think it’s impossible to have vaginal rejuvenation without surgery, but that isn’t true. Non surgical vaginal rejuvenation is a new treatment that can help women obtain the same results as if you had surgery, but without the pain or recovery. If you’re still having a hard time believing such a procedure exists Lumisque in Florida is here to provide all of the information you need about this innovative treatment and why you should consider having it done!

The Benefits of Having Vaginal Rejuvenation Without Surgery

Non surgical vaginal rejuvenation is becoming more and more popular with women around the world. This new treatment has provided a way for women to address a number of concerns with going under the knife. This procedure can help with the loss of vaginal tightness due to aging or childbirth and vaginal dryness. Also, it can assist with reducing and in some cases, even eliminating urinary stress incontinence that some women experience.

A number of women are surprised by the fact that there is a nonsurgical treatment that can provide the same results that surgical procedures do without the pain or downtime. The nonsurgical option works by delivering a mixture of radiofrequency and cryotherapy to the deeper tissue and layers of the vagina without causing any damage to the surface tissue. Many patients who decide to have this treatment notice an improvement in their intimate relationships as well as greater self-confidence and self-love.

While the combination of radiofrequency and cryotherapy heat the tissue, the treatment is also stimulating the collagen proteins in your skin and muscle tissue, which creates a toning and tightening effect. Having tightened pelvic floor muscles are what help eliminate urinary stress incontinence while simultaneously addressing vaginal laxity and dryness.  Another added benefit of this treatment is that it typically is a “one and done” thing that only takes about thirty minutes. Also, you usually don’t have to worry about taking any time off from work or even normal everyday activities like running errands. During the actual procedure, you will be awake and able to read a book, magazine, or scroll social media. There is no need for any local or general anesthesia. After about thirty days, you will begin to notice the results of your procedure. The improvements with gradually become more and more noticeable over the course of about three months. In most cases, this nonsurgical treatment is something you only need to have done once for a year or longer after that time frame; you may need to have touch-up sessions to maintain your results.

If this procedure sounds like something, you’d be interested in exploring; you should find a board-certified plastic surgeon near you to discuss your options and goals!

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