Vaginal Tightening: Does It Really Work?

Vaginal Tightening: Does It Really Work?

As women, our bodies go through a lot, and it's not realistic to expect them to remain in perfect running order as we age or go through major life changes. Hormone fluctuations, childbirth, breastfeeding, a major illness, and menopause can all affect our body's natural balance. If you've become uncomfortable with how you look and feel “down there”, it's time to enlist some professional help. Visit Co2 Lift V to see how their take-home vaginal rejuvenation kit can help address many of your concerns, including vaginal tightening.

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How Does Co2 Lift V Work?

Rooted in science, this take-home vaginal rejuvenation kit works by enabling proper penetration of carbon dioxide through the epidermis. This stimulates the oxygen molecules in your body and delivers them directly to the area of application, restoring a more youthful state. Co2 Lift V works on several levels.


When the blood vessels in the treatment area widen because of the influx of carbon dioxide, the metabolism of your cells improve. This helps your body eliminate the waste from your skin. The waste that is being discharged can be the culprit of vaginal dryness and bacterial infections.

Blood Circulation

As oxygen molecules are delivered to the application area, your blood circulation improves. Blood circulation is an integral part of your body's overall healthy function. Your skin's texture and appearance will improve as blood flow increases to the area. This also serves to help with vaginal tightening.

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How Does Co2 Lift V Help With Vaginal Tightening?

This surge of carbon dioxide promotes protein synthesis. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and is responsible for youthful and firm skin. Collagen plays not only a role in the health of our outer layer of skin but in skin cells everywhere on our bodies.

Collagen is known as the “anti-aging” protein, so any skin or muscle laxity you are experiencing in your vaginal area can be improved by a boost of collagen production.

Healthy Hydration

The Co2 Lift V process also stimulates your body's natural hydration function. Hydrated skin is tighter because the skin cells are plumper and more elastic. They keep their shape better and more definitively than dehydrated cells.

Common Symptoms Addressed

As we age, and with certain life events, our vaginal health changes. Hormone fluctuations can wreak havoc on our natural balance and affect the way our body naturally responds in certain situations. Co2 Lift V can help address symptoms women everywhere face every day.

Vaginal Dryness

This is a common condition that worsens with age. Hormone fluctuations can lead to vaginal dryness so extreme it makes sex painful and everyday life uncomfortable. The effect this can have on individuals can spill over into relationships. Underlying causes of vaginal dryness include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Illness
  • Birth control pills
  • Hormone replacement therapy


Our everyday lives move faster than ever before, and there is more stress put on us each moment of the day. This kind of low-simmering, long-term stress can put undue pressure on our psyches and cause all kinds of illnesses and conditions—including vaginal dryness.

No matter how healthy you are, how much you exercise you get, or how well you eat, sometimes you need outside help. When your stress levels are high, you may not realize how this can directly affect certain aspects of your bodily functions.

If a woman finds sex painful and no longer enjoyable, that part of a relationship can suffer. This can lead to emotional pitfalls, a self-consciousness that wasn't there before and even more stress. Co2 Lift V helps restore the body's natural lubrication, making sex enjoyable again and invigorating that part of women's relationships.

Vaginal Laxity

There are several reasons a woman may want vaginal tightening treatment. Whatever the reason, Co2 Lift V and its carbon dioxide therapy can help. Giving birth to one or multiple children can make women feel like they never quite go back to normal.

Collagen breaks down each year after we turn 18, which means our skin isn't as tight as it used to be. This can lead to the walls of the vagina losing some of their elasticity. If you couple the natural aging process with having children, there could be even more reason than ever for seeking vaginal tightening treatment.

Convenient and Safe

Before this innovative and effective take-home treatment came along, women had two choices—live with the discomfort or undergo expensive and invasive surgery. Now you can get exceptional results in a convenient, discreet and safe treatment for a fraction of what you'd pay a plastic surgeon.

Your home kit will come with everything you need for five treatments. Most clients feel results after just one application. This treatment is non-invasive and pain-free, which is the exact opposite of surgical vaginal rejuvenation. You'll have zero downtime, and in 45 minutes, your treatment is complete.


Each person is different, so their results will vary. Some clients need only a few treatments to achieve their desired results, while others may opt for up to 15 for optimal results. Once you've reached your desired state, one monthly treatment is all it will take to maintain results.

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