Why Do Some Women Undergo Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Why Do Some Women Undergo Vaginal Rejuvenation?

As plastic surgery becomes more popular, there are still some procedures that are taboo like vaginal tightening, but it’s time people start learning why more and more women are choosing to have this procedure done. Although there is no CO2LIFT mask available just yet for this procedure, the experts at Lumisque in Florida are here to give some insight into why more and more women are breaking their silence on vaginal rejuvenation.

Why Women Have Vaginal Tightening

The point of vaginal rejuvenation is similar to the results of the CO2LIFT Mask by Lumisque. Women want to refresh, lift, and tighten their skin. During the procedure, radio frequency is delivered to the fibers underneath the skin, which then encourages and provokes the skin to create new collagen. Because of the new collagen that is produced by the skin, many women report an increase in tightness and sexual satisfaction. There is also a claim that has vaginal rejuvenation done can help get rid of stress incontinence, which is something many women experience after they have given birth. However, some gynecological experts say that there is actually no scientific proof to back any of these claims, but nevertheless, women are reporting that these are the results they are getting from having this treatment done.

When patients request this treatment from their doctors a lot of times, they will sit down and discuss what reasons you have for requesting this procedure, and they will also conduct a physical examination to make sure that you are in a healthy state before the procedure is performed. Doctors will also talk to you about the fact that there is a lack of evidence and data to support some of the claims that are promised why vaginal rejuvenation. They do this because it is important that you understand what to expect and aren’t upset if you don’t get exactly what you thought you would. There are also a number of complications that are associated with this procedure including infection, altered sensation, adhesions, scarring, and dyspareunia. Your doctor will go over each of these possibilities and what they can mean for you and your future health.

Although many places use the term vaginal rejuvenation, the trust is that term covers a wide variety of procedures, not just one. Some of these treatments include the use of radiofrequency or carbon dioxide lasers to stimulate your blood flow and encourage the production of new collagen in the vaginal tissue. Other versions of the treatment require either platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or hyaluronic acid injections. There are also more invasive forms that can tighten the connective tissues between the vagina and bladder.

It is important to really do your research before deciding to undergo any type of vaginal rejuvenation. This isn’t a decision you should rush into without doing extensive research!

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