Carboxytherapy Skincare Gel

The Secret
to the Big O

A guide to put the “Oh!”
back in your O

• Do you still enjoy sex?
• Are you holding back in your sexual life?
• Are you happy with how things look and feel “down there”?
• Are you experiencing uncomfortable dryness?


Childbirth, hormone imbalances, menopause - these are a few of the most common culprits causing big changes “down there.” 

Rediscover your O and yourself with
“The Secret to the Big O,” a free ebook from CO2Lift

What's Inside?

Our ebook includes information about:

Your Vulva & Vagina (They Are Two Different Things, Ladies!)

The Clitoris And What Makes It Very Happy

The Relationship Between The Clitoris And Orgasm

How Aging Affects The Vagina & What Helps!


I’m Lana Kerr, founder of CO2LiftV®.
Things were going swimmingly down there until I hit my 40s - then my V hit the wall. Intense dryness made sex uncomfortable and painful and I was advised to seek laser surgery. That wasn’t a step I was ready to take. After twenty years in the healthcare industry, I knew a better alternative was out there. This is when CO2Lift® was born.