Wrinkles on Hands

Aging Hands: How to Get Rid of Wrinkles on Hands

Your body experiences many changes as you age. Since most visible signs of aging typically occur on the surface of your skin, it's unsurprising that one of the places most likely to show aging is your hands.

While most of us take care of our skin to combat signs of aging on our faces, many of us neglect our hands. If you neglect your hands, it's one of the places most likely to give away your age. 

If you've noticed signs of aging (wrinkles in particular) on your hands, there is a lot you can do to restore them. In this blog, the team at CO2Lift® has detailed why wrinkles appear on your hands and how you can get rid of hand wrinkles.

Why Do Wrinkles Appear on Your Hands?

Unfortunately, wrinkles are unavoidable, especially on your hands. Although there are ways to prevent wrinkles, they cannot be avoided entirely. Hands wrinkles are a part of the natural aging process. 

You develop wrinkles on your hands because your skin loses elasticity, collagen, and fat as you age. This loss of collagen, fat, and elastin happens nearly everywhere, including your hands. Your hands will show signs of aging sooner because the skin on your hands is thinner. With the loss of elasticity, your skin becomes more translucent, leading to wrinkles. 

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How to Get Rid Of Wrinkles on Hands Three Ways

You can wear cotton, latex, and rubber gloves to protect your hands from harsh chemicals, chores, and the sun, but how do you get rid of hand wrinkles? Have a look below to learn how to get rid of any pesky hand wrinkles that might be giving away your age. 

Use Hydrating Moisturizers Day & Night

One of the easiest ways to reduce and eliminate the appearance of wrinkles on your hands is to moisturize them daily in the morning and evening. 

Applying creams like the Carboxy Mousse Moisturizer (which features vitamin C and other natural plant compounds) to your hands in the morning will help lock in moisture and plump the skin. This will keep your hands supple while helping to avoid dry, flaky, and irritated skin. 

In the evening, you should apply a cream that contains retinol or glycolic acid, as these ingredients help to relieve cracked, scaly, and dry skin. 

Always Apply Sunscreen

UV rays can be incredibly damaging, especially to your hands. Not only does the sun cause dryness, age spots, and flaking, but it also hastens signs of aging and causes wrinkles. 

That's why you must use sunscreen every day and apply it generously to your hands after you've applied your moisturizer. 

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Eat Healthily 

It might be hard to believe, but eating healthily can help eliminate wrinkles on your hands. A balanced diet with loads of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and various vitamins that nourish your skin will likely yield the best anti-aging results, so be sure to eat plenty of foods that nourish your hands from the inside out. 

Wrap-Up on Taking Care of Your Hands

Your aging hands deserve all the love they can get, so it's important to follow the tips we shared about preventing and getting rid of hand wrinkles. Your hands will remain healthy and vibrant with this information and skincare products like CO2Lift's® Carboxy Mousse Moisturizer