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The Best New Way To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Suffering from unwanted cellulite can be an embarrassing problem to have. If you’re someone who has this problem, it can be stressful trying to find different treatment options to get rid of the cellulite. Many people will spend countless hours researching to find the best cellulite treatment, and they may not need to anymore. If you’ve been doing this research, you may have come stumbled upon search results for carboxy therapy near me. This new form of treatment is reinventing the way doctor’s treat cellulite. Lumisque, a Florida based online provider, could be a great start to learning about this method.

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Why Carboxytherapy is the Best Cellulite Treatment

Trying to find the best treatment for your cellulite can be a difficult thing to deal with. Many people start to feel hopeless as they try different treatments with little to no results. This can cause people to give up on trying to find relief from this problem, but this shouldn’t be the case. As research continues to be done new treatment options become available. Carboxy therapy is a new cellulite treatment that could be an excellent option for you. Before making any decisions, it’s crucial to gain some background knowledge about the procedure.

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Carboxytherapy is a non-surgical procedure that uses a number of tiny needles to inject carbon dioxide beneath the skin’s surface. The point of this therapy is to promote circulation and the production of collagen, which can make your skin appear younger and healthier. Carboxytherapy utilizes carbon dioxide that is found in the human body. The cells in your body get energy from oxygen and release carbon dioxide. The reason this is so important when trying to treat and cure cellulite is that it is believed to be the result of poor blood flow in the body. By reintroducing a small amount of carbon dioxide into the body circulation and blood flow can be improved. Cellulite is caused by fat deposits below the skin and is most often found on your abdomen, legs, or pelvic area.

When used for the removal of cellulite carboxytherapy leaves the skin tighter resulting in a less dimpled appearance. The reason for this is because this procedure weakens the fat cells that cause the dimples in your skin because it replaces the carbon dioxide with oxygen. It also promotes the production of collagen and circulation because this is a non-surgical procedure the patient experiences very little pain and discomfort.

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It could take a few treatments before you start seeing any results from the carboxytherapy, but some patients have seen results in as little as two sessions. Many people also said that they experience little to no discomfort after having this procedure done. If there was any pain, it didn’t last longer than thirty minutes after the treatment was done. Although the procedure is pretty much risk-free, there are a few side effects that you may experience. Some of them are minor swelling in the targeted areas, redness, bruising from injections, pain at the injection site, and a warm sensation in the treated area for up to a day after treatment.

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This is a great treatment option for people who want to get rid of stubborn cellulite. If this therapy sounds like something, you’re interested in try searching for “carboxy therapy near me.”

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