It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Skincare

It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Skincare

With warmer weather making its way back into our lives, it’s time to consider the proper skincare routine to adapt to the change in weather… especially humidity. We’ve pinpointed a few great ways to transition your skincare routine to ensure your skin remains healthy, happy, and glowing all summer long.

Spring Skincare Tips

There are a few easy ways to prepare your skin for the warmer weather spring and summer bring. Here are some spring skincare tips that will help keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. 

The main step is to take a look at your current products and see which are the lightest. With warmer weather, you want to apply the least amount of product possible. Consider avoiding more oil-based products and heavy moisturizers. Keep it lightweight to allow your skin to breathe during the warmer months, and your skin will thank you.

Spring Clean Your Skin

With warmer weather here, it is important to adjust your skincare routine accordingly. What your skin needs in the winter is different from what it craves in the warmer months. Here are some great tips on how to spring clean your skin:

  • To start, clear dead skin with a gentle exfoliant to give you a clean surface. Remember: As the weather warms, the skin will begin shedding layers.
  • That being said, be sure to put away any heavy products and exchange them for lighter options
  • Much like spring cleaning in the home, you must spring clean your makeup tools. Wash makeup brushes every two or three weeks to avoid clogged pores and infection from built-up dirt particles on your brushes.
  • Check the expiration dates on all of your products. Toss anything that is expired and replace it with an option more suited for warmer weather.
  • Stay consistent with your sunscreen habits. The best part of warmer weather is time outside! Be sure to always apply sunscreen to your face, neck, ears, décolletage, and pretty much any part of your body that is exposed.

Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

What’s the best way to spring clean your skincare routine? Get ready to recycle and trash any old products that are still lingering around. You want your supply to be fresh and up-to-date for maximum results. Next, get organized! We’re all guilty of tossing or throwing our skincare products around. Try organizing everything to ensure easier use. Set morning products in front of nighttime products, or separate products in their own areas by moisturizers, cleaners, and serums. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, start over! There’s nothing wrong with starting from scratch with new products or restocking those expired ones you love.

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