The Power of Natural Lubricant for Women Awaits!

The Power of Natural Lubricant for Women Awaits!

If you are like most women, you have experienced vaginal dryness at one point or another. Vaginal dryness is a very common issue often set in motion due to changes in the body such as having children, decreased estrogen levels, stress, and aging. All of these contribute to the dryness that can make sex extremely uncomfortable and less pleasurable. No fun! That’s the bad news. 

The good news is we’ve got the remedy: lubricant for women. If you’re new to the lube game, here is a quick rundown. Lubricant for women is gel or liquid that is made to be applied to the vagina or vulva before sex. It allows for less friction during penetration, making intercourse far more pleasurable.

In this article, we’re pointing the finger at vaginal dryness. Learn more about making sex great again with lubricant for women, the benefits of using a natural lubricant for women, and the ins and outs of female dryness.

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Make Sex Great Again with Lubricant for Women

A thriving sex life shouldn’t be wiped away due to vaginal dryness. The truth is, as humans, intimacy is the ultimate soul food. The passion and joy of connection impact our mental and physical health. The general act of being close to your partner builds a new level of intimacy, but this may feel lacking, especially after having children. 

Healthy and satisfying sex after having kids is not only possible but can be just as passionate and mind-blowing as before… and the not-so-secret secret is an effective lubricant for women. A lubricant works to ensure your lady parts are ready for penetration by adding moisture that kicks chafing and friction to the curb. When vaginal dryness is remedied with natural lubrication, sex becomes enjoyable again. There are many great reasons to use lubrication. When all your engines are fully lubricated and operating at full force, consider the spark reignited!

Benefits of Using Natural Lubricant for Women

There are many lubricants for women on the market; most are readily available at your local drug store or online. However, not all lubricants are created equal. Some contain toxins, while others are natural. Clearly, a natural lubricant is the way to go. Some benefits of using a natural lubricant is knowing you are applying a hormone-free formula and that the product is often plant-based and far less likely to cause any allergic reactions or negative side effects. Don’t be shy about checking the ingredient list! A natural lubricant will often indicate it contains a variety of non-synthetic ingredients like different types of oils and aloe vera and if it is water-based or silicone-based. Other natural lubricants for women contain organic ingredients, making them a great choice. 

A properly lubricated vagina is a happy vagina. The many benefits are evident when you keep a natural lubricant on your daily to-do list. Even if you have never used a natural lubricant, it will change the way you feel, and it will amp up all of those sexy superpowers simmering below.

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Female Dryness and the Magic of Lubricant for Women

The mechanics of vaginal dryness are actually fairly cut-and-dried (pardon the pun). When the body ceases to produce its own fluids secreted by the Bartholin glands (near the opening of the vagina) and the Skene’s glands (close to the urethra), the result is vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. 

The desire for sex is often a ghost in the proverbial wind as a result of vaginal dryness. The female body goes through tons of changes after having children, and sometimes those changes may leave you feeling less like yourself and more like the desert… down below, that is. 

A natural lubricant for female dryness is designed to naturally and safely lubricate to ensure you are ready to share your sexual energy with your partner once again. A lubricant for women is an absolute must to help reduce friction. 

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Resolve dryness and bring the comforts of pleasurable sex back into the bedroom with the natural lubricant that is actually re-conditioning your skin , CO2LIFTV. This hormone-free, painless, effective treatment addresses vaginal issues associated with aging, childbearing, or stress. Designed as an easy-to-use kit, it includes the treatments and applicator sticks. Best of all, you can use this treatment in the comfort and privacy of your home. Once you achieve the desired results after 5 to 10 treatments, then women find they do not need to use a lube each time they have intercourse. Simply do your monthly treatment and maintain youthful, conditioned tissue. This carefully curated kit is designed to safely bring back all the comforts of your healthy sex life! 

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